by Gwilym

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Is this some kind of joke?
You call this an ending?
And it sticks in my throat
When I hear you defending
The way this has gone down
As something true and right
It's all come down
From what were dizzy heights
And you call this an ending

I guess I kind of hoped
It could've been different
Thought there might be some mote
Of something significant
But 'cause of how it's gone
It isn't and there's not
That chance is gone
And it's forever lost
But it could've been different

Far be it from me to say the way things ought to be
I don't dictate the proper path
I know you owe me not one thing contractually
I know it's all one great big towering question mark

It's my fault I suppose
I got too invested
And I don't get a vote
So I will not protest it
I'll take it as a sign
Of what we should expect


released August 24, 2012




Gwilym Christchurch, New Zealand

Solo stuff by Gwilym Wogan. aka me. I have no idea how to describe what I'm doing; it's a huge blend and there are traces of pretty much every music I've ever loved, to the point where naming names seems futile. If I limit myself to five it's XTC, Momus, Nobuo Uematsu, Radiohead and Kate Bush. And Beck. And Donald Fagen. And Frank Klepacki. And game music in general. ... more

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